First impressions of the release- party
   New CD & DVD ; De Stergo Tur :
Presentation by Homa Afghanmina
Impressions of the official release party on 16 september 2010 in Arzo Partycenter - Beverwijk - Holland. With speech of Homa Afghanmina etc...
Special guests :
Ajmal Attak From seweden ,,
Hafiz Malyar From Austria  ,,
Hosham Rabi from UK ,,
Consulate General of Afghanistan in Netherlands ,,
Najim Nekzad from NL ,,
Wahid Samim from NL ,,
Wahid Bayar from NL ,,
DJ Roshan from NL ,,
Khushal yousufzai From seweden ,,
Shafiqa Pashtonzai from NL ,,
Sponser : by Dawud Mahmmodi